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What is Advocacy and How Do You Do It?

Advocacy can be understood simply: support for a particular cause or policy. It is to fight for change. There are many ways we can do advocacy. I'll give you some examples:

  1. When I was living in an institution and I wanted to live in the community instead, I did self advocacy. I advocated my way out of the institution and into my own home.

  2. When I wanted to be employed but people kept saying I couldn't work because I'm disabled. I advocated my way to a job.

  3. When I engaged in nonviolent direct action with a grassroots advocacy group called ADAPT. I advocated for community based services and support.

  4. I've done advocacy on social media too. I've advocated for several different things including Fair Pay for Home Care.

  5. When I got angry about the Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria building not being wheelchair accessible at 4000 Lake Ave. I advocated for them to install a ramp.

I also want to mention the pitchfork approach to advocacy. There are five prongs to a pitchfork. The prongs for the advocacy pitchfork are political, system/administrative, direct action, media/education and legal. You can find more information about the pitchfork approach here:

In simple words, anyone and everyone can do advocacy. It will change your life for the better. Practice some advocacy today. Leave your comments below. How have you done advocacy? What are you advocating for? How do we join your advocacy efforts?

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