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Using Writing Promts


  1. What were challenges or barriers you had to work to overcome?

  2. What is your background?

  3. What was challenging about that background?

  4. What’s your greatest accomplishment?

  5. How did you get there?

  6. How have previous challenges influenced your goals?

The challenges and barriers I have had to work to overcome are rooted in ableism and discrimination. I am a Disability Rights Advocate. The most challenging thing about being an Advocate is that we must always be vigilant. Ableism is the enemy and it is constantly seeking victims. One of my greatest accomplishments is that I’ve been successfully living in the community for over 10 years. I lived in a nursing facility before. I had no self determination or autonomy in the nursing home. I had to abide by the rules and policies of the institution. I decided to take control of my life and fight for my civil rights to live in freedom.

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