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The Fight for Disability Justice Doesn't Pause: Help Jensen Caraballo Stay Afloat

Why This Campaign Matters

Many of you know me, Jensen Caraballo, as a passionate advocate for disability rights and justice. My commitment to this cause has never wavered, even as I've navigated through life with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, depression, and anxiety disorder. But today, I find myself fighting another battle: financial instability.

While advocacy is my life's work, it doesn't pay the bills. As a person with disabilities, I face even more significant financial challenges. The cost of healthcare, accessible housing, and home and community-based services add up. Right now, I am unable to cover basic living expenses like rent, internet, and phone bills. This situation threatens to compromise my advocacy work, something that not only matters deeply to me but also impacts the lives of countless individuals facing disability-related challenges.

The GoFundMe Campaign

To navigate through this financially troubling time, I've set up a GoFundMe campaign called "Help Jensen Caraballo Stay Afloat & Continue Advocacy." The aim is simple: to raise $1,000 to cover my immediate expenses so that I can continue my work in disability advocacy unimpeded.

Campaign Details:

- Funding Goal: $1,000

- Campaign Duration: Until September 5, 2023

- GoFundMe Link: [Help Jensen Caraballo Stay Afloat & Continue Advocacy](

Why Contribute?

If you believe in the values of disability justice, fair pay for home care, and community support, contributing to this campaign is a way to make a real impact. The campaign is not just about helping me weather a financial storm; it's about ensuring that the fight for disability justice continues to have a strong and passionate voice.

Moreover, your support allows me to stay engaged in several pivotal projects. For instance, as a member of the Board of Directors for the SPM Disability Justice Fund and Consumer Directed Action of New York, and also serving on the Advisory Group for IDD Advocate Corps, your support will enable me to maintain these commitments.

How to Support

1. Donate: Every contribution, no matter how small, brings us closer to the $1,000 goal. [Click here to donate](

2. Share: Can't donate? No problem. Sharing the campaign on social media, or sending it to friends and family, amplifies its reach. Use the hashtag #SupportJensenCaraballo.

3. Engage: Follow updates on the GoFundMe page and my social media platforms to see how your contributions are making a difference.

Final Words

The journey for justice and equality is never a solo endeavor. It's a collective act of community, compassion, and courage. With your support, not only can we secure immediate financial relief, but we can also ensure that the advocacy for disability rights and justice remains robust and unfaltering.

Thank you for your time, your compassion, and your action.

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