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The Advocacy Issues I’m Passionate About

  1. Disability Rights

  2. Education

  3. Employment

  4. Health Care

  5. Independent Living

  6. Technology

  7. Transportation

This is an image of Jensen. He is sitting in his wheelchair, wearing a tie dye shirt and a black hat. There is a media badge on his shirt.

I've been engaging in advocacy issues for over 10 years. I started advocating for myself first. When I was 15 years old, I was forced to live in an institution. I started advocating for my civil rights around that time. I was finally set free when I turned 21 years old.

I've been engaging in grassroots advocacy ever since I was set free from the institution. I've engaged with a grassroots advocacy group called ADAPT. I did this for several years. I still engage occasionally.

I want to take my advocacy to the next level. I want to start my own advocacy organization that fights back against the ableist barriers designed to keep us separated and isolated. I believe we can reamagine our future by using our imagination to the best of our ability.

I'd like to show other Disabled Folks how to be an advocate. I would like to establish a strong group of advocates that build a movement towards a world that is completely accessible to every single Disabled Person no matter what their conditions are. I would like to establish a movement made of Disabled and nondisabled folks.

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