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That Time I Went To Japan

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I went to Japan for 11 days in 2016. I visited Okinawa, Tokyo, Hamamatsu, and Sendai. We learned about the international movement of the independent living movement. I went surfing. I did Karaoke. I got drunk on Japanese beer. I did public speaking for several events and I talked about my story as a survivor of forced institutionalization. It was an extraordinary experience. We had the opportunity to promote cultural exchange between disabled youth in the U.S. and Japan. I gained a better understanding of the history and narratives of disabled people in Japan. I helped build and establish international relationships between the U.S and Japan. I'm being vague on purpose. I don't remember the trip in detail. I did get paid for it. It was through a program at NCIL. I had lots of fun.

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