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Symposium: Reclaiming Disability Justice

I was part of a panel today called Disability Justice in Carceral Spaces where we discussed the history of incarceration and Disability. The history of the treatment of disability is intertwined with incarceration. Historically, the label of disability has been used to justify incarceration. There is a history of deinstitutionalization of large facilities housing people with disabilities for community-based services. "Are we done with the fight?" That's a question that came up during the panel. I wanted to say, "hell no! It's far from over." But instead I said thousands of Disabled People are still trapped in nursing facilities today. The fight is far from over. We have a duty to help Disabled People escape confinement and imprisonment. The conversation was rich and we spoke deeply and passionately. The other panelists were full of wisdom and lived experience too.

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