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Shattering Stereotypes and Advocating for Invisible Disabilities: The Inspiring Journey of Dr. Ragle


In a world where first impressions can be misleading, Dr. Lauren Ragle, a medicinal biochemist and DIY enthusiast, is breaking barriers and challenging societal norms. As a passionate advocate for raising awareness about chronic and rare conditions, Dr. Ragle's personal experiences have shaped her mission to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals at George Washington University. In this blog post, we dive into her remarkable journey, highlighting her achievements, overcoming discrimination, and her ongoing battle against ableism.

From Memphis to Leesburg: A Journey Fueled by Determination:

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Lauren Ragle hails from a diverse European heritage, with English, Scots, Irish, Swiss, and German roots. From an early age, her fascination with science and medicine was kindled by frequent visits to doctors' offices and hospitals due to her own chronic illnesses, including hEDS, Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, MCAS, asthma, arthritis, and a thoracic aortic aneurysm.

Education and Professional Pursuits:

Driven by her passion for science, Dr. Ragle pursued her academic journey at the University of Memphis, where she completed her undergraduate and graduate studies. Fueling her thirst for knowledge, she went on to conduct postdoctoral research at the prestigious National Cancer Institute. Today, she serves as a professor at George Washington University, imparting her expertise in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry to aspiring doctors and physician assistants in the Postbac Premed Program.

Championing Awareness and Addressing Ableism:

Dr. Ragle's personal experiences have motivated her to raise awareness about chronic and rare conditions within the medical community. As a professor, she aims to educate her students about the diverse manifestations of disabilities, highlighting the importance of empathy and understanding. Recognizing the prevalence of ableism in education, Dr. Ragle is actively working on developing a workshop to combat these biases and create a supportive environment for disabled students.

Overcoming Discrimination and Microaggressions:

Throughout her journey, Dr. Ragle has faced discrimination and microaggressions that serve as reminders of the existing prejudices. From childhood memories of being teased for wearing glasses to being singled out for an interview based on her gender, she has persevered through various challenges. Furthermore, the misjudgment she encounters due to her weight, solely based on BMI, highlights the importance of considering individual factors and addressing the complexity of health conditions.

Invisible Disabilities: Unveiling the Unseen:

One of the significant struggles Dr. Ragle faces is the misconception surrounding invisible disabilities. Despite her disabilities not being immediately apparent, she strives to shatter the stereotypes associated with them. Drawing from her personal experiences, she emphasizes the need for understanding and reminds us not to judge a person's well-being solely based on appearances.

Looking Beyond the Surface: Passion for DIY and Crafting:

Outside the realm of academia, Dr. Ragle nurtures her creativity through various crafting endeavors. From sewing and knitting to exploring woodworking projects, she finds solace and joy in these DIY activities. By sharing her passion, she encourages others to embrace their creative side and find respite from life's challenges.


Dr. Lauren Ragle's inspiring journey as a medicinal biochemist, professor, and advocate for awareness of chronic and rare conditions has not only shaped her own life but also influenced the lives of countless individuals. By sharing her personal experiences and advocating against ableism, she strives to create a more inclusive and understanding society. Dr. Ragle's unwavering determination, resilience, and commitment to empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals make her a true beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

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