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Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria Isn’t ADA Compliant

I'm writing this blog post because I'm upset and frustrated with the Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria business and you should be too. In my neighborhood, their building is not wheelchair accessible. Their are millions of Disabled Americans that cannot physically access the Salvatore's restaurant. This is blatant ableism and discrimination against Disabled People. When will the City of Rochester start enforcing the ADA? We have civil rights as Disabled Americans. The Americans with Disabilities Act was into law on July 26, 1990. This means businesses have had over 30 years understanding that physical access is a civil rights issue. I am so fucking tired of feeling thankful for the bare minimum in accessibility. It's time for full access. “I’m tired of feeling thankful for accessible toilets... when am I ever going to feel equal in the community?” — Judy Heumann

This is an image of the Salvatore's located at 4000 Lake Avenue in Rochester, New York. There is one step blocking the entrance for wheelchair users. It's clear they are not ADA Compliant.

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