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Overcoming Obstacles and Stomping On CP: The Inspiring Journey of Tylia L. Flores

Updated: Jun 3, 2023


In a world that often defines individuals by their disabilities, Tylia L. Flores, a published author and radio show host personality, stands out as a true inspiration. Despite facing the challenges of living with Cerebral Palsy, Tylia has risen above discrimination and societal barriers to become a successful writer, advocate, and mentor. Her determination to make a difference and shatter stereotypes has not only fueled her own accomplishments but has also paved the way for others with disabilities to embrace their full potential.

Embracing Passion and Defying Expectations:

Tylia L. Flores, a 27-year-old from New York who now resides in Clermont, Florida, has always had a passion for writing. Moving to Florida at the age of five, Tylia pursued her education through Florida Virtual School and Future Learn, building a strong foundation for her writing career. Despite facing Ableism, Tylia's unwavering love for storytelling and animation drove her to overcome obstacles and remain steadfast in her goals.

The Catalyst for Success:

One incident during her college years stands out as a pivotal moment in Tylia's journey. When asked how she finds inspiration for her books on a discussion board, a hurtful comment belittled her abilities based on her disability. However, instead of letting this discourage her, Tylia used it as fuel to prove her doubters wrong. The incident ignited a fire within her, intensifying her motivation and determination to succeed as a writer.

Fighting Against Ableism:

Ableism, discrimination against people with disabilities, is an issue that Tylia passionately opposes. She resents the notion that a person's abilities are defined by their disabilities. Tylia firmly states, "I hate Ableism, enough said." By sharing her story and accomplishments, Tylia aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of Ableism and inspire others to overcome their own challenges.

Writing Books and Empowering Others:

Tylia's ultimate goal as a writer is to continue creating books that resonate with readers, particularly those facing disabilities like Cerebral Palsy. She firmly believes that her stories can serve as survival guides for others, offering hope, encouragement, and the motivation to keep pushing forward. Tylia has also taken on the role of mentor to numerous individuals with disabilities, sharing her experiences and offering guidance to help them embrace their own potential.

A Passion for Animation and Radio Broadcasting:

Beyond her love for writing, Tylia is also passionate about animation and radio broadcasting. She sees these mediums as powerful tools to connect with people, share stories, and create memorable experiences. By combining her talents, Tylia aims to explore new ways of captivating audiences and spreading awareness about disabilities on a global scale.

Accomplishments and Future Aspirations:

Tylia's accomplishments speak volumes about her dedication and perseverance. From publishing books on disability and hosting her own radio show to being a keynote speaker at international conferences, she has made a significant impact in the disability community. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and she has actively participated in panel discussions and workshops.

Stomping On CP: Making a Difference:

At the age of 18, Tylia founded Stomping On CP with the aim of raising awareness about Cerebral Palsy and breaking down the barriers associated with the condition. This organization has become a platform for empowering individuals with disabilities, showing them that Cerebral Palsy does not define their potential. Tylia's personal journey of self-acceptance and success serves as a testament to the message she shares through Stomping On CP.


Tylia L. Flores is a remarkable individual who has defied societal expectations and overcome discrimination to achieve her dreams. Her journey as a published author and radio show host personality is a testament to her resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for storytelling. Through her books, advocacy work, and mentoring, Tylia has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals with disabilities, showing them that anything is possible with determination and a strong belief in oneself.

This is an image of Tylia. She is outside, sitting in her wheelchair and wearing a green outfit with white shoes. There is a water fountain directly behind her.

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