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On Spirituality…

This is a blog post about Spirituality. I will attempt to define the meaning of Spirituality but I must warn you: you must come at this with an open mind and heart. I am just one person trying to observe the phenomena called Spirituality.

What is Spirituality?

Let's use Google for a moment. Define: Spirituality--the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

In other words, Spirituality is when we are being aware or concerned with the Spirit and Soul, something we perceive outside of this corporeal reality.

We're told, in order to perceive It . . . We must go within and above ourselves. This is what the Sages, the ones that attained the actual experience of Spirituality, tell us.

We are called to connect with each other, above our own personal benefit, towards a world centered around mutual guarantee. We must relearn this knowledge. We knew it once upon a time but we have seem to forgotten this.

Our children's know It. They call It: Love. Others call it Magic. Brujería. There are an infinite amount of names for Spirituality. But be wary: there are just as many misconceptions about what It is too.

I am no expert on Spirituality. I am constantly learning and relearning things as I move forward. Everyone's experience with Spirituality is different. As our faces are different, so is our Spirit.

As below, so above. We are an imprint of the Spiritual World. Everything is controlled from the Spiritual World. You are the master of your life. You can learn how to reconnect with with the Universe in a way that is literally beneficial to everyone.

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