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Meet Warren Nelson

Meet Warren Nelson, a 32-year-old librarian who is passionate about advocating for disability rights and promoting equal access to information for all. Originally from New Hampshire, Warren currently lives in Massachusetts and has been working at libraries for several years, engaging with the community and helping to create access for people with disabilities.

Warren has a unique perspective on disability, as he himself has Homonymous hemianopsia, a condition that causes a visual field cut due to an in-utero stroke. He also has some executive functioning issues, dyscalculia, and coordination and fine-motor problems. Despite these challenges, Warren has pursued his education and earned both an undergraduate and master's degree from the University of Southern Maine and Simmons University.

In addition to his work as a librarian, Warren has also been a vocal advocate for disability rights. He once protested in Washington DC to raise awareness for the issue and was arrested three times. He has also previously worked for an Independent Living Center (ILC), which helps people with disabilities to live independently.

Equal access is incredibly important to Warren, and he has experienced firsthand the challenges that people with disabilities face when trying to access information and transportation. For example, Warren once tried to explain to a bus driver why the signage might be confusing for people who are visually impaired, only to be denied boarding. The bus company gave a muted apology and quietly refunded his money, without any assurances that they would address this kind of behavior. For Warren, it's not about the money - it's about the principle of inclusivity.

One of Warren's biggest frustrations is when people assume that he can see them or that he's making up his condition if he accidentally runs into them. These assumptions stem from ableism, a systemic discrimination against people with disabilities that often goes unnoticed or unacknowledged.

Despite these challenges, Warren remains committed to his work as a librarian and his advocacy for disability rights. He believes that everyone should have access to information and resources, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Warren's spirit of inclusivity is truly inspiring, and he serves as a reminder that we all have a role to play in promoting equal access and creating a more inclusive society.

This is an image of Warren Nelson, he is wearing glasses and smiling. The background was removed using Canva.

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