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Meet Peter Boulay

This is an image of Peter Boulay, a 53 year old Disabled Person, living in Rochester, New York. Peter lives in Henrietta. He has a Disability called Congenital Bilateral Amputee with one finger on each hand.

Peter works at Spectrum as an RSC Rep I (Dispatch). I met Peter a few years ago when we were engaging with Disability led Groups.

His goal in life is to help people reach their fullest potential. He is originally from Rochester, where he lived his entire life except for one year in Greensboro NC. He went to Pittsford Mendon High School & Rochester Institute of Technology.

He's had some experiences with discrimination,"Usual parking and building access experiences." He says he feels ableism is mostly learned through family experience. "People need to be educated to adapt their view." Peter believes you can work to change views in a positive way but realizes it doesn’t always get the results we want.

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