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Meet Nick Papadopoulos

This blog post will highlight Nick Papadopoulos, who is 45 years old, and originally from New York City. Nick is an adventurer and a Disability Rights Advocate. He is a brother, friend, confidant, comedian and motivational speaker. "I am whatever I want to be at that particular moment," says Nick as I interviewed him.

Nick is originally from New York City, and has been in Athens for several years, but now finds himself in Royston, Georgia, United States of America.

Nick currently lives in a nursing facility located in Royston Georgia.

His major Disability is Cerebral Palsy. He also has more, including obesity, glaucoma, and bipolar disorder.

Nick is a motivational speaker and a Disability Advocate.

His goals are to first leave the facility and get transferred into the community where he could live a full life. He wants to have a wife, a family, and a home. He also wants to get more people out of state run facilities. He wants to travel, meet people, and make positive impacts, forming positive communities wherever he can. He wants to leave a positive impact and legacy on this earth before he leaves it. He plans to travel the world and change lives for the better.

Nick graduated from Hillcrest high school, and Hunter College of the City University of New York.

Like many Disabled People, Nick has experienced discrimination during his grade school and high school years from teachers and vocational staff. He has experienced discrimination throughout his daily life in New York, and Georgia. Discrimination often comes in the form of positive praise like, "I can't believe he went to college" or "I think it's great you're able to go clubbing" as if going to college or attending a social event is not expected of us. He has experienced discrimination from bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc. The list is pretty endless.

Nick doesn't agree with ableism. Unfortunately, he says, ableism is pervasive in our society. He says there are more "normies" in the population. He believes Disabled People are in the minority. This doesn't mean all is lost. We have to be strong and focused on goals that impact our communities. We have to be together and unify so that the issues that are important to us can be addressed. We are important. We will be counted. Our voices will be heard.

What Nick wants to share with people is to never give up the fight, never surrender, always keep swinging until your goals are achieved!

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