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Meet Julian Hiler

This is an image of Julian Hiler, a Black Disabled man, who is 26 years old, from Rochester, New York.

Julian has a Disability called Cerebral Palsy. He is the founder of his business, Julian's Video Production, where he creates 3 to 5 minute videos.

He has a couple hobbies: he likes to watch TV and get out into the community.

His accomplishments include graduating from high school, receiving many awards, and living in the community with little assistance.

He works at UberEATS. His goal is to walk and have a successful business. He is originally from and lives in Rochester, New York, where he has lived all of his life.

He went to Wilson High School, and is currently going to Monroe Community College.

Julian has experienced discrimination too. He has been told he can't go certain places because of his Disability.

He feels nondisabled people take advantage of Disabled People. He also believes "people don't value Disabled People."

Julian says he doesn't allow anything get him down.

We met through the group called YO! Youth Own.

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