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Meet David Mancini

David Mancini is a 39-year-old man who lives in Quebec. He has a variety of hobbies, including making YouTube videos (, walking his dog, studying Kabbalah, and drinking coffee. Over the years, David has been involved in many community organizations, such as the Optimists Club and Operation Red Nose.

David also runs a bed and breakfast (, but since the pandemic hit, he has been struggling to get it back up and running. Due to government restrictions, he was required to shut down his business, and he has found it difficult to get it going again. Many other bed and breakfasts in his town have also closed, and with inflation, the prices for these types of businesses have gone up. Despite the challenges, David is gradually working to reopen his bed and breakfast, although he finds it physically and mentally demanding.

One of David's dreams is to create YouTube videos that document the culture and history of Quebec and eventually spread to the rest of the world. He hopes to show how people are connected and one family, and to influence his viewers to love and support one another, thus helping humanity move towards unity.

When David was a child, he wore braces on his legs to make his feet straight, but he's not sure if that qualifies as a disability. He does feel that he has faced discrimination in the past, mainly due to being an immigrant in a French-speaking area and because he is gay. Nonetheless, David remains determined to contribute to uniting all of humanity and creating a world of peace and harmony.

David believes that everyone has a role to play in creating a better world. By working for the well-being of others, we can live in an enlightened society that is full of love and care. He sees himself as part of a long chain of cause and consequence that brought him together with others, even if only online, and he hopes to someday meet his online connections in person.

This is a picture of David Mancini, he is smiling, the background was removed using an app called Canva.

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