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Meet Carola/Nicole

Carola is a Taino descendant/Puerto Rican. She is currently 32; she'll be 33 years old in June. She currently lives in Florida.

She identifies as Neurodivergent. She has a podcast, she's an energy healer, and a small business owner. Her goal is for everyone to feel love, whole and complete.

Nicole was born in Washington State. She's been living in Florida for the past 4 years. She went to school for cosmetology and passed with honors.

She has experienced racism and discrimination as a Disabled Person. She believes ableism is trash and she feels everyone should have access to assistance.

She simply wants to share love with people.

💫Podcast Spotify/anchor: Uncomfy Truths

💫Business page fb: Uncomfy Truths

💫insta: ofthe.cosmos

💫tiktok: cosmicbug6

This is an image of Carola. She is smiling and wearing makeup. Her hair is medium length, wavy, brown hair with copper ends. She is wearing green eyeshadow, graphic eyeliner accented with dots and dark maroon lipstick.

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