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Meet Ben Oxley

This is my Facebook friend named Ben Oxley. I remember meeting Ben a few years ago on Facebook. Ben is sitting in his wheelchair, he's making a fist and you can see tattoos on his knuckles. The tattoo on his knuckles says "LOVE". He is wearing a badass skeleton shirt. He has more tattoos going up his arm.

Ben is originally from Georgia where he currently lives, he's 35 years old, and has a Disability called Cerebral Palsy. Ben works as Captain at Dave and Busters. He also has some goals: to get his business going with his sister, and have a wife and kids. Ben also went to school at Union Grove.

Like many Disabled People, Ben has experienced discrimination in the workplace. This is common for most Disabled People.

We also talked about ableism. Ben says, in his experience, ableism occurs in the dating world mostly.

Ben wants to teach people that no matter the challenges one might face, you can overcome them by using your abilities.

I recently watched a documentary that featured Ben Oxley. You can check it out at this link:

It's called 6,000 Waiting. It's a powerful documentary that tells the stories of 3 individuals with developmental disabilities whose lives are significantly impacted by the staggering lack and complexity of State Medicaid waiver funding. They live life on their own terms by fighting with persistence, courage, and self determination for the resources they desperately need.

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