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Journal Entry - July 7, 2023

Today has been an eventful day, filled with both triumphs and challenges. As I sit down to reflect on my journey as a disabled advocate, I am reminded of the immense responsibility I have undertaken. My name is Jensen Caraballo, and I am a 33-year-old disabled person of color hailing from the vibrant city of Rochester, New York.

Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, depression, and anxiety disorder has undoubtedly shaped my perspective on life. It has presented me with obstacles that sometimes feel insurmountable, but it has also ignited a fiery passion within me to fight for disability rights and challenge the status quo. My experiences have given me a unique lens through which I can view the world, and I am committed to using this perspective to bring about meaningful change.

Today, I focused on my advocacy work, a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I firmly believe that disabled individuals deserve equal rights, opportunities, and access to resources. Through my efforts, I strive to dispel misconceptions and educate society about the diverse abilities and strengths of disabled individuals.

One of the highlights of my advocacy journey has been the opportunity to share my personal experiences and perspectives on various platforms. Rooted in Rights recently featured an interview and video titled "Institutionalized as a Teen with Jensen Caraballo," which shed light on the challenges I faced during my formative years. Being able to raise awareness about the experiences of disabled individuals is a powerful tool in fostering empathy and understanding.

Beyond traditional media platforms, I have embraced the power of social media to amplify my voice and connect with others. Twitter has become my digital soapbox, where I share my thoughts, experiences, and engage in conversations surrounding disability rights. The ability to connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community is invaluable, and I am grateful for the opportunities it presents.

In my journey, I have also learned the importance of resource mobilization. Platforms like GoFundMe have allowed me to seek financial support for personal endeavors that empower me to further my advocacy work. The generosity and support I have received from individuals who believe in my cause have been truly heartwarming, serving as a reminder that I am not alone in this fight.

As I conclude this journal entry, I feel a mixture of gratitude and determination. Gratitude for the opportunities I have had thus far, the individuals who have supported me, and the progress made in advancing disability rights. Determination to continue pushing forward, challenging societal norms, and fostering inclusivity for disabled individuals.

Tomorrow brings a new day, ripe with possibilities and opportunities for change. I will continue to speak out against assisted suicide laws, emphasizing the potential dangers they pose to disabled individuals. With each step forward, I hope to create a more inclusive and equitable world, where disabled individuals can thrive and fulfill their true potential.

Until next time,

Jensen Caraballo

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