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Jensen’s Biography

Jensen Caraballo was born on June 7, 1990, in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Jensen is a 32-year-old disabled person of color who lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, depression, and anxiety disorder. Despite facing multiple challenges, Jensen is a fierce advocate for disability rights and is known for their activism.

Jensen's advocacy work includes writing blogs for several organizations such as the Center for Disability Rights, Not Dead Yet, and the National Disability Institute. Jensen's writings aim to raise awareness about the experiences of people with disabilities and advocate for disability rights.

Jensen has also actively participated in nonviolent direct action with National ADAPT, a grassroots advocacy group. Jensen's dedication to activism has led to several arrests for engaging in civil disobedience. Jensen has given testimony and lobbied in Albany and Washington DC, using their platform to amplify the voices of disabled individuals.

Jensen has worked in various roles to support people with disabilities, including as a Social Media Coordinator, Peer Mentor, Peer Specialist, and Advocacy and Development Associate for the Center for Disability Rights. Jensen's work is centered on creating an inclusive world for people with disabilities.

Jensen's activism has taken them around the world, including to Japan where they spoke about the experiences of people with disabilities in the United States. Jensen is known for their love of tattoos, music, and TV, and enjoys smoking weed. Despite facing challenges, Jensen lives in the community with freedom and independence thanks to community-based services and support.

Overall, Jensen Caraballo is a passionate advocate and activist who uses their voice and experiences to create change and fight for a more inclusive and just world for people with disabilities.

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