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Disability: A Unique Strength (a poem by ChatGPT)

Disability does not define,

The strength that lies within the mind,

It's just a challenge, a hurdle to cross,

Not a limit, not a loss.

Some may see it as a curse,

But it can also be a gift, a verse,

Of resilience, of compassion,

Of determination, of passion.

The world may not be designed,

For those who are differently inclined,

But their unique perspective and voice,

Can make it a more inclusive choice.

Disability is not a flaw,

It's a part of who we are,

A reminder to embrace diversity,

And see each other with empathy.

So let's break down the barriers,

And build a world that is fairer,

Where everyone can thrive,

No matter how they strive.

For disability is not a hindrance,

It's a testament to human resilience,

And when we come together as one,

We can overcome anything under the sun.

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