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Breaking Barriers: The Unyielding Journey of Miya Queen


In a world that often marginalizes and dismisses the experiences of individuals who identify as queer, disabled, and women, there are those who rise above adversity, determined to make waves of change. Miya Queen, a pseudonym for a remarkable woman from Alabama, embodies the spirit of resilience and advocacy. With multiple disabilities, a passion for helping others, and an unyielding drive to challenge ableism, Miya's story is one that inspires and enlightens.

A Life Defined by Struggle and Triumph:

Miya Queen, a 25-year-old cisgender woman currently residing in Texas, has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. Living with disabilities such as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, fibromyalgia, idiopathic hypersomnia, asthma, and C-PTSD, Miya has experienced the pervasive impact of these conditions on her daily life. Despite the hurdles, she works as a security guard while harboring aspirations of pursuing a degree in the medical field. Miya's deep desire to help others and increase representation of disabled individuals in healthcare fuels her ambition.

The Fight Against Discrimination:

Throughout her educational and professional journey, Miya has encountered discrimination at every turn. In high school, she battled against a teacher's refusal to allow her to wear sunglasses, a simple accommodation vital for managing her migraines. This unjust treatment ultimately led her to drop out and pursue her GED. In the workforce, Miya has faced employers who disregarded her necessary accommodations, including time off for therapy and a smoke-free environment. Furthermore, she has endured instances of harassment and assault, confronting a society that often dismisses the rights and safety of disabled individuals.

Confronting Internalized Ableism:

Miya recognizes the insidious nature of internalized ableism, which she too once grappled with. Society often perceives disabilities through a narrow lens, creating further challenges for young individuals who may not be visibly disabled. Additionally, the past few years have revealed society's disregard for the lives of disabled individuals unless they possess some level of familiarity. Miya firmly believes that open dialogue and sharing personal experiences are crucial in dismantling ableism and promoting understanding among all people.

The Medical System and Advocacy:

Miya boldly sheds light on the ableism entrenched within the medical system. She questions the disproportionate authority granted to doctors, advocating for a system that values the input and experiences of patients. Miya acknowledges the importance of self-diagnosis, emphasizing that it has often been a life-saving measure. By challenging the status quo and highlighting the flaws in the current medical paradigm, Miya encourages others to question and demand change.

A Multifaceted Identity:

Beyond her relentless activism, Miya finds solace and joy in various hobbies and accomplishments. From her love for reading, knitting, and video games to her passion for singing, painting, and creating miniature houses, she embraces creativity as a form of self-expression. Notably, Miya has excelled academically, achieving a remarkable 3.95 GPA while caring for her sick mother. She has also made her mark as a certified pharmacy technician, a published model, and a guest writer for renowned magazines. Additionally, her podcast, "The Disabled Tales," serves as a platform for sharing empowering stories from disabled individuals.


Miya Queen's indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to fighting ableism serve as a beacon of hope for marginalized communities. Her determination to pursue higher education, advocate for disabled rights, and amplify underrepresented voices sets her apart as a catalyst for change. Miya's life experiences and accomplishments inspire us to question societal norms, challenge discrimination, and work towards a more inclusive and empathetic world.

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