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An Inside Look at my Life as an Advocate, Board Member, and Social Media Influencer

: An Inside Look at Jensen Caraballo's Life as an Advocate, Board Member, and Social Media Influencer

Life is rarely a linear journey; it's more like a tapestry of various roles that we inhabit at different stages. In my case, Jensen Caraballo, those roles intersect at the crucial crossroads of disability advocacy, social justice, and online engagement. Each role, whether it's serving on boards, speaking at public events, or curating an active Twitter feed, contributes to a singular vision: a world more inclusive and just for disabled individuals.

On Boards and Beyond: A Seat at the Decision-Making Table

Serving on the Board of Directors of the SPM Disability Justice Fund and the Consumer Directed Action of New York isn't just an honorary position—it's a massive responsibility. The role requires meticulous oversight, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to fostering change from within the system. By sitting at this decision-making table, I, Jensen Caraballo, am empowered to influence policies, direct initiatives, and create real-world impact that benefits the disabled community. It’s a channel for my voice and the collective voices of those I represent to be heard at a level where changes can be actualized.

The Digital Persona: A Conversation-Starter on Twitter

Twitter is a platform where dialogues are created, perspectives are challenged, and movements are born. By maintaining an active online presence, I manage to break down complex topics into digestible threads. From discussing disability justice to exploring kinks and wrestling, my Twitter feed is a diverse arena for interaction and education. The engagement isn't just a one-way street; it's a dynamic exchange that often enriches my understanding of issues and amplifies the conversations we need to be having. Social media, then, becomes more than just an outlet—it becomes a tool for change.

Advocate Corps and Exceptional Care: Elevating the Standard of Care

Being part of the Advisory Group for IDD Advocate Corps at the Institute for Exceptional Care is another layer to my advocacy work. Here, the focus is on elevating the quality of care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through collaborative projects and informed discussions, I get to contribute to shaping the future of healthcare for disabled individuals. By focusing on exceptional care standards, we can improve not just the health outcomes but also the overall quality of life for disabled individuals.

The Speaker and Writer: Sharing Authentic Narratives

One of the most potent forms of advocacy is storytelling. By writing articles and speaking at various events, I have the opportunity to share personal experiences that resonate universally. It’s not just about me, Jensen Caraballo; it’s about creating a narrative that others can relate to, be inspired by, or learn from. Each presentation or article aims to move the needle, even if it’s just a little, toward a more understanding and inclusive world.

The Intersection of It All

All these roles—be it board member, Twitter influencer, advisory group contributor, or public speaker—come together in a harmonious interplay. Each amplifies the impact of the others, and together they create a multi-dimensional approach to advocacy that is both deep and wide-reaching.

Life is a complex tapestry, but the patterns are ours to weave. For me, Jensen Caraballo, the ultimate goal is a fabric that includes everyone, in all their varied threads and colors, into a pattern that is beautiful because of its diversity, not despite it.

So here’s to the ever-evolving roles we all play, and the impact we can make when we embrace them fully.

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