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A Journey of Empowerment and Success: My Story of Triumph

By Jensen Caraballo


The Path to Empowerment and Success

As a 33-year-old disabled person of color, my journey has been one marked by challenges, but also incredible triumphs. Since joining the Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) on September 11, 2023, I have embarked on a fulfilling career path that not only aligns with my passion for accessibility and disability rights but also offers me a sense of purpose and achievement.

Love and Work: A Harmonious Blend

Life has taken a delightful turn since December 1, 2023, when I began a relationship with my girlfriend. Our connection has brought an abundance of joy and strength into my life, proving that personal happiness and professional success can coexist harmoniously. This relationship, combined with my rewarding work, has created a well-balanced and enriching life experience.

Making a Difference at Salvatore's

One of my significant projects at RCIL involves making Salvatore's, a local establishment, fully accessible to the disability community. This endeavor is not just about compliance with accessibility standards; it's about breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity. The progress we've made is a testament to the power of advocacy and perseverance.

Feeling Valued and Contributing Equally

Through my efforts at work, I've found great satisfaction in contributing to society. The sense of being a valuable and equal member of the community is deeply empowering. This feeling of equality and the ability to make a tangible impact is something I wish for every disabled person.

The Universe in Harmony with My Aspirations

There's a profound sense of alignment in my life now. The universe, which once seemed to pose obstacles at every turn, now appears to be working in tandem with my aspirations. This shift has brought an overwhelming sense of empowerment, shaping my outlook on life and the future.

A Life Filled with Hope, Happiness, Love, and Peace

Today, my life is an embodiment of happiness and hope, love and peace. It's a journey that reflects the potential and resilience inherent in each of us. It's a narrative that I hope will inspire other disabled individuals. I believe that everyone deserves to experience this kind of joy and fulfillment, irrespective of their abilities.

A Wish for All

My wish is for all disabled people to experience this same sense of joy, empowerment, and belonging. As I continue my advocacy and work towards a more inclusive world, I carry this wish in my heart, hoping to inspire and make a difference in the lives of many.


Jensen Caraballo is a disability rights advocate and Accessibility Specialist at the Regional Center for Independent Living. His work and personal journey reflect his deep commitment to disability rights, justice, and accessibility.

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